Harrison.ai is a clinician-led healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) company founded by Aengus Tran and Dimitry Tran. Our mission is to continuously innovate and commercialise more efficient and more affordable healthcare products and services to healthcare providers and patients.

Harrison.ai empowers physicians and healthcare providers with customised AI-enabled tools that integrate into existing clinical workflows which ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes.

The story so far … Together with our partner Virtus Health Limited (the world’s largest IVF provider), Harrison.ai has successfully developed, validated and deployed a deep learning model (‘IVY’) for predicting the likelihood of pregnancy from analysing time-lapse incubation videos. IVY is a patent-pending technology that has increased the clinical pregnancy success rate in IVF-treatment by over 30% (the success rate of an average embryologist selecting a successful embryo is around 65% whereas the discriminative power of Harrison.ai’s IVY is 93%).

Together with our partner I-MED Radiology Network (Australia's largest medical imaging network), Harrison.ai will develop and deploy a deep learning model to predict multiple radiological findings.