AI Could Make A Significant Contribution to IVF

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

On 27th of August 2019, Sue Channon, Chief Executive Officer at Virtus Health, revealed on Daybreak Asia their international growth plan and how they have been using artificial intelligence technology designed to help boost IVF success.

A highlight for Virtus Health this year was commercialising the IVY artificial intelligence technology by entering into a partnership with Vitrolife who develop timelapse imaging technology which has allowed Virtus Health to view multiple planes across the developing embryo and choose the embryo most likely to result in a fetal heart and ultimately a baby.

Ms Channon excitedly told the story of how she came to meet Dr Aengus Tran, co-founder of Harrison.AI and why Virtus Health partnered with Harrison.AI. Aengus is a world-ranked AI engineer and data scientist. He is also a medical doctor.

Dr Tran is the inventor of patent-pending IVY. IVY is an AI model that selects the best embryo for IVF. Virtus Health invested in the development of the technology and over the last year they’ve witnessed an improvement in pregnancy outcomes as a result of their investment.

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